Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter Movement

Its Assault Upon Reason and Freedom

America is under attack as being a systemically racist society that has not only denied the black community of the opportunity to participate in the wealth of America but has created a police force that is targeting and killing black people.  Many in the Black Lives Matter movement and in its more violent handmaiden, Antifa, contend that America is beyond change and redemption and must be obliterated. Are these charges of systemic racism based in fact?  If not, what has given rise to this accusation and what will be the consequences if the anarchists achieve their objective, obliteration of Western culture?  

One supposed example of American racism is the claim that members of the white race enjoy preferential treatment in being hired by companies and being given access to education.  They term this preferential treatment white privilege.  But the reality is quite different.  Since the passage of affirmative action laws and policies initiated in the 1960s, persons applying for acceptance at academic or business institutions are not just judged according to their achievements but allowance must be made for their having belonged to a previously marginalized group.  Hence, many whites (mainly males) have been rejected by their preferred universities and companies in order for those organizations to admit or hire a member of a marginalized group, even though that member has an inferior resume.  Additionally, anyone who has worked in industry knows that it is much more difficult to fire a black person for an infraction of company rules than it is to fire a white person for the same infraction.  Companies are terrified of being investigated for racism and find it easier to allow the infractions to go unpunished. 

But according to many, the most glaring example of America’s oppression of people of color is how they are treated by the police.  They cite numerous examples of deadly interactions of a black person with the police as proof of police bias, yet they and the media completely ignore and suppress the fact that for every example dealing with a black person, there is at least one and usually more than one equally deadly police interaction with a white person.  In the June 14, 2020 City Journal article, “Stories and Data  Reflections on race, riots, and police” Coleman Hughes cites some of these incidents involving members of the white community.   The following all took place in 2015.

“Timothy Smith was killed by a police officer who mistakenly thought he was reaching into his waistband to grab a gun; the shooting was ruled justified. William Lemmon was killed after he allegedly failed to show his hands upon request; the shooting was ruled justified. Ryan Bolinger was shot dead by a cop who said he was moving strangely and walking toward her; the shooting was ruled justified. Derek Cruice was shot in the face after he opened the door for police officers serving a warrant for a drug arrest; the cops recovered marijuana from the property, and the shooting was ruled justified. Daniel Elrod robbed a dollar store, and, when confronted by police, allegedly failed to raise his hands upon request (though his widow, who witnessed the event, insists otherwise); he was shot dead. No criminal charges were filed. Ralph Willis was shot dead when officers mistakenly thought that he was reaching for a gun. David Cassick was shot twice in the back by a police officer while lying face down on the ground. Six-year-old Jeremy Mardis was killed by a police officer while sitting in the passenger seat of a car; the officer’s intended target was Jeremy’s father, who was sitting in the driver’s seat with his hands raised out the window. Autumn Steele was shot dead when a police officer, startled by her German shepherd, immediately fired his weapon at the animal, catching her in the crossfire. Shortly after he killed her, bodycam footage revealed the officer’s despair: “I’m f—— going to prison,” he says. The officer was not disciplined.”

In the same article, Mr. Hughes cites another more recent incident, that of the March 13, 2020 killing of Breonna Taylor, a black woman, in Kentucky.  Police executing a warrant barged into her home and when her boyfriend shot at them, they returned fire killing Taylor.  The day before this incident, police in Silver Spring, Maryland, while outside the home of Duncan Lemp, a white man asleep in his bed, opened fire, killing him and wounding his girlfriend who was next to him in bed. 

Even the incident which sparked the most outrage, protests, and violence, the May 25, 2020 killing of George Floyd, a black man, by the Minneapolis police has a white corollary.   A policeman pinned Floyd to the ground by pressing his knee against his neck for 8 minutes.  This response by the police was both brutal and unnecessary.  I remember everyone saying this never would have happened had he been white.  Actually, an almost identical scenario with a white man had already occurred.   On August 10, 2016 in Dallas, Tony Timpa called 911 and pleaded for help.  He was a schizophrenic who was off his medications and was terrified.   The police arrived and for some reason, even though he had already been handcuffed by a security guard, the police pushed him down and pinned his shoulders, knees, and neck to the ground for 14 minutes while he called out in agony more than 30 times “You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me!”  Security footage shows the police laughing at the man.  Timpa was dead within 20 minutes after the police arrived.   The officers were charged, but the Dallas County DA dismissed the charges.  Did this incident make the national news?  If it did, neither I nor anyone I know had heard about it.  Why didn’t it?  Would it have spoiled the narrative that police brutality is almost totally limited to the black community? 

The charge of police racism is further refuted by a comparison of the number of white and black fatal encounters with the police.  According to the statistica website, in 2018, there were 399 fatal shootings of whites and 209 fatal shootings of blacks. Hence, whites are killed at almost twice the rate of blacks.  Many counter with the argument that blacks only constitute about 13% of the population and whites (including Hispanic-Whites) constitute about 76%.  Hence, the number of blacks killed should only be about 1/5 that of whites or closer to 80 fatal shootings.  Since it is approximately 2.5 times higher, they conclude blacks are being targeted by the police.  Percent population cannot be used to determine the expected number of fatal shootings per group.  An obvious example of this flawed reasoning can be seen by using it to determine the expected number of fatal shootings of women. Women constitute 52% of the overall population, but they only constitute about 3% of fatal police shootings.  Is this deviation due to rampant police bias against men.  Of course not, the difference is due to women committing fewer crimes, especially fewer violent crimes.  The expected number of fatal shootings per group must be based upon how many crimes that group commits. The following table is extracted from the 2018 FBI uniform crime report Table 43a.

Type of CrimeNumber of White AssailantsNumber of Black AssailantsTotal Number of All Assailants
Murder/ Non-Negligent Homicide3,9534,7788,957
         Percent of Total4453
All crimes5,319,6542,115,3817,710,900
        Percent of Total6927

Looking at the data for all crimes, the percent that whites commit is slightly more than double that of blacks.  This corresponds moderately close to the ratio (399/209) for fatal shootings by police.  Tragically, the data shows that blacks are responsible for over half of the Murder/Non-negligent homicide category. This category is probably one that will bring the perpetrator in more hostile contact with the police.  It is extremely unlikely that embezzlement or security fraud would result in a violent altercation.  This plus the fact that blacks are more likely to resist arrest implies that the ratio 399/209 reflects a reluctance not an eagerness on the part of the police to engage in violent altercations with the black community.  Some assert that review of arrest data is biased but a review of the number of homicide victims by race supports the findings from the arrest data.  According to Table 1 of the same FBI statistics website, in 2018 there were 7,407 black homicide victims and 6,088 white homicide victims.  Victims are killed by assailants of their same race about 95% of the time.  Think about the absurdity of the accusation that the greatest threat to black lives is the actions of the police, when blacks kill other blacks at almost 35 times the rate at which police kill blacks. 

Additionally, Mr. Hughes in the above mentioned City Journal article cites four studies that found no racial bias in deadly shootings:  “one by Harvard economist Roland Fryer, one by a group of public-health researchers, one by economist Sendhil Mullainathan, and one by David Johnson, et al.”  In contrast, others cite the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) article, in which the authors conclude that black men are 2.5 times as likely to be killed by the police than are white men.  What the authors refuse to discuss is that a group which only constitutes 13% of the population and commits 52% of the homicides is much more likely to have interactions with the police and is much more likely to have fatal shootings.  I am sure if the study compared men and women, they would find that men are many, many more times likely to be killed by the police.  This is not due to a systemic bias against men, but due to their greater participation in criminal acts.  The greater probability of police fatal shootings of black men is not due to police bias but the greater percentage of black men involved in violent behavior.   

Analysis of the data disproves the charges of racism so why do so many people accept a narrative that is so at odds with the facts?  One reason is that several groups benefit from this false portrait of American society. First, the media are more interested in presenting news in a manner which will incite the most emotion.  Presenting facts that give a balanced picture would not achieve this end.  Hence, many in the white community are ignorant of these facts and cannot make an informed evaluation.   Second, many members of the black community have financially profited from these charges or have found that it gave them consolation for not achieving the same level of success in many of the fields in which the white community has excelled.   Third, the young are common supporters of any movement that disparages the society of their parents and also provides them with a euphoric high when they are part of the destruction of the power structure that has controlled them.  Fourth, academicians are eager to condemn our capitalist society. They state that the heartlessness and shallowness of a society that emphasizes the pursuit of material possessions makes it prone to a multitude of evils one of them being racism.    But besides these groups, the extraordinary affluence of America has produced destructive currents in society.  That affluence has created a citizenry that is no longer required to exert much physical or mental effort to ensure its physical survival.  It has produced a citizenry that is cushioned from the shocks of their own poor choices.  Hence, their actions no longer generate that intense level of emotion that makes life meaningful nor do they experience the thoughtfulness that is produced when one must accept the full force of the consequences of one’s actions. They look to the chants of the crowd to provide them with cheap transitory excitations and to define reality even if that chant expounds upon their own worthlessness. This is the path that many a civilization has followed.  It reaches an apex and then descends into decadence.

Even with all of these dissatisfied groups there must be a leader who has the ability to unite them and present their frustrations in such a manner that the remaining bulk of society will accept their beliefs even if they are untrue.  Such a leader was Barack Obama, a man of extraordinary intellect, imposing presence, a mesmerizing voice and a burning bitterness towards white America.  Before I delineate the reasons for this allegation, let me inform you that I voted for him in 2008 and 2012.  Even before the 2008 election, the following actions did give me a sense that he bore a bitterness towards white America: 1) his attending a church in which the minister said in one of his sermons, “Not God bless America, but God damn America”  2) Michelle Obama’s comment “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country”  3) some of President Obama’s statements which implied a great sense of humiliation for the slights he endured because of his race.   Despite my concerns, I was so impressed by many of his other policies, I voted for him in 2008.  I was very proud of his first term accomplishments, but as his first term neared its end, the statements that he made about the February 2012 Trayvon Martin shooting reignited in me my initial concerns regarding his resentment of the white community.  I was thoroughly disgusted by how the press made this incident an example of white oppression of the black community.  George Zimmerman lists himself as Hispanic. His mother was born in Peru. Her grandfather was black. Had Zimmerman been shot by the police, the newspapers would have listed him as a person of color, not a member of the white community. Besides his being one-eighth black, when he started his short-lived insurance business, his partner was black.  Previous to his shooting Trayvon Martin, he was charged with assault in two separate incidents, one involving an undercover agent and the other his fiancé, neither of whom was black.  After the Martin shooting, he was charged with assault in three separate incidents.  None of his victims were black.  This wasn’t a white supremacist out to kill blacks.  This was a Hispanic thug who committed violence against anyone who bothered him.  I expected the news media to present it in the version that would arouse the most ire, but I thought/hoped Obama would rectify this war on truth. But rather than making the people aware of the fact that this was not an incident of racism, Obama used it as an opportunity to expound upon the many slights which he, Obama, had endured from the white community.  He gave truth to the lie that the Martin shooting was an example of white racism, thus altering society’s ability to distinguish truth from falsehood.   

What were those many slights he endured?   He spoke of being followed in department stores for fear that he would steal something; how women grabbed their purses when he entered an elevator in which they were standing; how people locked their car doors when they saw him coming.  He ranted how this was all due to white racism.  Undoubtedly, racism played some part in white people’s attitude, but when 13% of the population is committing 52% of the homicides, there is a basis for fear of bodily harm or loss of possessions.  The actions that he described as snubs are those that have ensured the survival of our species, that is, when there is an increased probability of harm, we must take additional precautions.  He only saw the slights to his ego; he either refused to acknowledge that the behavior of the black community has given the white and Asian communities reasons for these fears or he felt that these communities should be willing to risk and accept harm if doing so would result in not offending his ego.   His words and actions showed a depraved indifference to the welfare of the white community.

Despite his actions in the Martin case, I voted for him in 2012.  I felt his other accomplishments outweighed this incident.  But the policies and rhetoric of his second term displayed to an even greater extent his animosity towards the white community. In January 2014, the Obama administration issued guidelines regarding school disciplines.  The administration stated that the greater percentage of blacks and Hispanics being disciplined was an example of profiling and not due to their committing more violations and if disparities between a group’s numerical presence in a population did not correlate with number of disciplinary actions, this could trigger a federal review into whether a district had violated civil rights laws.  The fact that approximately 80% of gang members are either Latino/Hispanic or black and that this means the percentage of these minority groups involved in gang activities far exceeds their numerical presence in the general population was ignored.  The Obama administration was determined to impose the illusion that violence was no more present in the black and Latino/Hispanic communities than in the white community.  In doing this he not only fostered acceptance of the false metric created by using percent present in the general population to calculate expected involvement in criminal activities, but he also endangered students and teachers and ensured a culture of even greater violence within these communities.

The expressions of animus towards white America reached new heights in the August 2014 shooting of a black man, Michael Brown, by a white police officer in Ferguson Missouri.  Without bothering to even review the evidence, Obama and Eric Holder turned Michael Brown’s shooting into an example of police brutality focused upon the black community. They assigned blame based upon race and upon a hatred for the police. Their actions not only displayed a flagrant racism but by assigning blame before review of the evidence and by showing a depraved indifference to the welfare of  this police officer and to all police officers, they undermined the most basic principles of justice and civil order.  This implicitly told the black community that they were never to bother to ask whether their own actions were a source of conflict with the police.  Since they had been oppressed in the past, all curtailment of their freedoms was due to white oppression and measuring their actions against such principles as the Golden Rule was never to be considered.   Hence, Obama’s administration fostered principles that undermined the most basic foundations of human morality. 

When there was a rallying cry against acceptance of Syrian refugees, Obama said the opposition was due to our society being unaccepting of people who don’t look like us.  Obama is far too intelligent to have not observed that the Asians who are noticeably physically different from white America are surpassing white America in every field.  Hence, his comment was not a statement of fact but was an expression of animus.

Although Obama has been out of office for four years, his legacy of presenting a false reality regarding race relations, which in turn has almost destroyed the very process of ascertaining truth and morality, lives on and is brutally enforced by the BLM movement and Antifa.  The results have been horrifying.  Our cities are on fire, and as anticipated there has been a much greater incidence of homicides in the black communities.  In the July 16, 2020  New York Times article, “It’s Been ‘Such a Weird Year.’ That’s Also Reflected in Crime Statistics” written by Jeff Asher and Ben Horwitz, they discuss the increase in the murder rate with respect to 2019.  There was an average 16.1 percent increase in murder in 25 large American cities relative to the same period in 2019.  Additionally, in Chicago, in one weekend in the latter  part of June 2020 “14 people were killed and at least 106 people were shot, the most in eight years.”  In June, New York City experienced more gun violence in that month than it has seen in almost a quarter of a century.  Tragically, the vast majority of those murdered were black as were the assailants.  Although this one article discussed this situation, the media is almost silent about these atrocities.  If Obama and the BLM and Antifa are truly concerned about black lives they would be focused upon where the vast, vast majority of blacks are being killed – in the black communities by other blacks.  But the focus is not on this because this war against white America was never born out of concern for the black community but out of antipathy towards the white community.   

But perhaps even more dangerous to our freedom is the suppression of free speech, particularly on colleges.  In the book, The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, the authors delineate a multitude of assaults upon free speech on college campuses.  They observed that these assaults began in approximately 2013 and that they were different from the campus protests of the 60’s, in that, modern students feel that they experience violence against themselves when they happen to hear opposing beliefs.  One example among many given in the book occurred on March 2, 2017 at Middlebury College in Vermont.  Charles Murray, a libertarian scholar affiliated with the conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, was invited to discuss his 2012 book Coming Apart.  Mr. Murray was also the co-author of the 1997 book The Bell Curve in which the authors asserted that differences in IQ across races could not be totally attributed to environment.  Students and professors demanded that he be uninvited.  When the university refused, violent protests erupted and one of the professors accompanying Mr. Murray was slammed so hard, she suffered a concussion and whiplash and was in physical therapy for six months.  One month later at Claremont McKenna College near Los Angeles

“about 250 students prevented fellow students from attending a speech by journalist, attorney, and social commentator Heather Mac Donald.  In her 2016 book, The War on Cops, Mac Donald argued that Black Lives Matter protests made the police more hesitant to enter and actively engage in minority neighborhoods, thereby leaving the people in those neighborhoods less protected and more vulnerable to crime…. Protesting students prevented anyone from entering the building to hear the talk, which Mac Donald gave via livestream as protestors pounded on the clear glass wall of the nearly empty ground level lecture hall.  Mac Donald was later evacuated from the building through a kitchen door and into a waiting police car.”

The students in both these incidents and the many others described in this book cannot debate the issues because the facts are against them so they attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with them.  Does this have a frighteningly familiar ring. 

With our streets on fire, with the acceptance of a false reality regarding racism and race relations, with the assault upon the very process of reasoning, with many citizens white and black chanting their hatred for America and its Founding Fathers, with the academicians supporting the suppression of speech, will the more radical members of the BLM and Antifa accomplish their objective of the obliteration of Western culture in the United States?  Tragically, with so many woke up whites supporting this cause, the answer is probably yes.  I agonize over this possibility, in particular how this new world order will affect the status of women.  Throughout history, in almost every country of the world, women have been regarded as either sub-human, or as second-class human beings, raped, beaten, slaves in every way except name and even then there are many exceptions.  Women did not get the vote in America until 1920 but black men got the vote about 55 years before that.  In most states, it was not until the 1960s that women gained the right to open a bank account in their own names and it wasn’t until 1974, with the passage of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act that banks were forced to grant credit cards to women.  Previously many banks refused to issue credit cards to unmarried women and a married woman required her husband’s signature.  With the exception of Nebraska and Wyoming, it was not until the Civil Rights Act of 1957 that women were allowed to serve on Federal juries, but it wasn’t until 1973 that all states passed such legislation. It has only been in the last 60 years that it was considered acceptable for women to become doctors or lawyers or corporate executives or politicians.  In the vast majority of nations, women do not have the freedoms that they now enjoy in the United States.  I could choose to seethe over the injustices that women have in the past endured in the United States, but in so doing I would be destroying the freedoms that women now experience.  Every country has been guilty of massive injustices, it is how they progress beyond that that is the measure of the morality of the nation. 

Just as women have made tremendous advancements so has the black community. There is now a plethora of millionaire black athletes and entertainers that were not there 50 years ago.  Who would have thought in the 1960s that we would elect a black president; who would have thought we would choose a black woman to run for vice-president.  Does racism still exists?  Of course it does.  Just as there are still serial killers, mass murderers, parents who neglect and abuse their children,  people who steal from others and leave them destitute.  In every society, you can find individuals who are guilty of these sins, but that doesn’t mean that the majority of the society is afflicted with these vices.  Is it true that in the past, the black community was targeted by the police and white supremacists?  Yes, but the data proves that that is no longer the case.  But many in the black community claim that had their ancestors and thus themselves been allowed to remain in Africa they would have had all of these current successes without having had to endure the oppression of the past.  Of all the distortions, this is the most twisted.  Africa is a continent crippled by poverty, tyranny, and hopelessness.  Of the 50 countries still most riddled with slavery, thirty-eight of them are in Africa.   If the black community and the woke up whites fail to not only, not appreciate, but deprecate the extensive freedoms and prosperity that the United States has now afforded them, then America will go the way of  almost all previous empires.  It will slide into tyranny, anarchy, oppression, and poverty and it will pull the whole of Western society into its downward spiral.  Maybe then its detractors will appreciate what America gave them.

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